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Lite Tur was founded in 1998 by a team of professionals with 25 years of experience. The Service and Travel industry. We are focused on conducting special programs according to your requirements. We offer efficient and exciting, cost-effective solutions to your needs. Time management and the high expertise of the team. We offer end-to-end solutions from concept From design to planning, implementation and evaluation of both events and travel arrangements

Lite Tour - Professional Travel Solutions Lite Tours Company Strategy - Values Purpose Lite Tours aims to be at the forefront of the arena by offering innovative solutions and advanced solutions. services for your travel and accommodation needs. We look beyond the horizon to foresee Vision Change. We are passionate about shaping the next generation business travel. We are creative Innovators and we like to solve problems in new ways. With someone who is really talented a group of people, great products, they are open-minded and with our customers who are facing complex and unique challenges we can't help ourselves. Service Travel or Events are not only about technology and systems. This is what we do for people who have the following characteristics: they are the important thing. We enjoy working and people enjoy working with us too, whether they are colleagues, customers, partners. Honesty We fulfill what we promise and we promise only what we can fulfill. We're doing what we're doing I say it with warmth, humor and a lot of thinking. Teamwork We are natural partners with our customers, colleagues and community and It's best when we work together to produce outstanding results.

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Our team of expert travel planners specializes in organizing absolutely everything. the discerning traveler. We offer a unique concierge service. Our knowledge and experience it extends to the most private and personalized adventures for individuals and groups. We are committed to providing professional, value-oriented travel services that go beyond the ordinary and standards. Enjoy it by offering the best travel deals for you. A wide network of partnerships with airlines and As local sellers, we are in a position to offer you the best value for money in Turkey.


Power We always aim to exceed our financial goals and the expectations of our customers. our colleagues and sellers. We create our human resources by offering exciting opportunities to our employees. To develop our own employees and to add new people to our structure who develop and expand our staff whose skills are already strong basic